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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March Days.

In March I was busy as a bee making new stuff for Surtex, which will be in NYC in just a month. I felt the calling (oh, sooo strong!) to paint the Ocean again, after more than 10 years that I didn't (I used to paint many sea related themes previously, even if I've always thought I wasn't a "sea person"). I was back on the road again, exploring and feeling the Spring vibes through my whole body driving along the country roads of this glorious Country!

I cooked, cleaned, cried an awful lot, started makeovers, celebrated, observed the light change and the first sunbeams come again into my studio through the window, like last Spring when I first moved to this house; have felt the warmth of sunshine on my skin like it was italian, and realized it's universal and always present, even on cloudy or rainy days ; have seen thousands of daffodils, that took my breath away each and every time I spotted yellow in the distance, picked and treated myself to endless bunches of them (differently from Italy where you cannot find them if not as bulbs, at least where I used to live, in England you can find fresh daffodils for sale everywhere). I reaffirmed strongly my love for yellow, and wondered why lots of people say I like this and dislike that color? Colors are all sooo amazing! Could you imagine a world without yellow or orange?? They are in sunsets, rocks, fruits, vegetables, spontaneous flowers, birds feathers, fish, butterflies...

In March, I picked the first colored posy of Spring flowers in our garden, enjoyed several gorgeous sunsets, decided to get rid of all of the chemicals in our home and started a mission to natural housecleaning and natural everything, felt a big (very big) project I have in my heart and mind calling me out loud, decided I can do that and it's my intention to do that; had a steep spiritual growth again, planted sweet peas in my secret garden, sowed zucchini indoors on the windowsill, and reaffirmed to myself I am a romantic, old- fashioned girl! After all, I love wearing brimmed hats, jabot shirts, lacy gloves, pearls and cameos, long, long large skirts and petticoats, tartan trousers and Oxford shoes, a ribbon or flower in my hair. Not trendy at all, and maybe also a bit demodé- but that's who I am, and I feel good, so good this way!

Monica xo


  1. oh my dearest Monica, what a refreshing post you are sharing with us (well, I should've said again :) )

    I read your post and feel so much inspiration! It is so beautiful to find oneself in this world, and be happy with what one is! :) :) :) Many happy faces, my friend, and hugs your way.


  2. " Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it. "Yves Saint Laurent
    I sew my skirts on my own ... as I like it... I'm "My fashion addict"!
    Joyful April in wonderland English countryside, Monica

  3. and I LOVE who you are dear Monica! I felt your joy while reading this beautiful post!!!
    I wanted to congratulate you for another amazing magazine feature. It is beautiful!!!
    sending hugs...

  4. Wonderful celebration of March in your corner of the world.

  5. I am gazing out my window as I sit here reading your glorious post. I can see dogwood blooms on the trees - white ones and pink ones. The bushes in my rose garden have just begun to put out leaves, and the leaves are red in there newness. Oh my, a bright red cardinal just lit on a branch of the dogwood. He looks quite regal in his bright red coat. There are chickadees feeding at the feeder just outside my window.

    My husband is off work today, and we will be leaving soon to try to find a couple of outdoor chairs for our terrace. We had two small benches we loved, but I have had to admit that they have experienced their last annual refresh. They are just too rusted and jagged to be safe. Time for new life.

    Enjoy every minute my sweet friend. You always bring me joy.♥

  6. Dear Monica,
    What a beautiful, sincere visit that was. Thank you so much. You are very welcome and I am so grateful for the heart connection. You are a bright star shining! I love what you said in this post about colors. Who can choose? Abundant blessings to you and may I call you friend?

    xo Tamara

  7. Sunshine and daffodils. Wonderful!


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