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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Vintage Portable Studio.

A while back, while thrifting, I bumped into this genuine leather vintage train case... and it definitely was love at first sight!! You know, I almost didn't buy it!! We have to move again and having a lot of stuff to bring along with us (among which clothes, home essentials, plants (!), some pieces of furniture that haven't been stored, Kim, etc), I thought it was such a foolish idea! My stuff has increased fourfold since I'm here at my parents' (... no idea how!).
But I have such a thing for vintage luggage, and I already own some lovely pieces I've collected over the years. I recently realized that I cannot gather stuff only because I like it, and all my buys must also be useful. Hence the idea of a portable studio. I've seen some around Blogland, and it's lovely to now have my own, too.

What won me over, besides the genuine leather and its warm color, was the unusual lid. Opening in the half and with one handle on each part, it definitely allows to crazily stuff the case, without being concerned too much about its weight ;)

Just in case anyone is interested, I paid 8 euros/£7/$11,50 for this vintage beauty (some of my readers like to compare prices around the world). And the yummy millinery flower is actually the embellishment of a vintage circlet hat.

Would you like to sneak a peek inside? (... What a ridiculous question! Of course you want!! LOL).

As I couldn't put everything I use in here, I restricted myself to some small 'essentials' to create something pretty with.

In detail, you can see some scrumptious wrinkled seam binding I have treated myself to from this wonderful Etsy shop: Prairie Bird Boutique. Patsy, the shop owner, surely put love and care into making these lovely bundles! They are perfect for photo styling, too!

Some rolls of fabric tape...

... wooden hearts and tiny clothespins, heart pins, tags, baker's twine...

... vintage buttons...

... odd or broken earrings (these, not wearable anymore, belonged to my Mom)...

... Italian Coccoina glue, wish tickets, dried lavender flowers...

... glitter...

... some rubber stamps and ink pads...

... a few old pictures, scissors and a couple of 'devastated' books! I would have seen this with different eyes some time ago- being a lover of books! I now see these old pages intended for the bin as 'art supplies'...

I really had fun putting my portable studio together- now off to play!
Have a fantastic Sunday and week ahead!
Monica x

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fabric Tape and Embellished Correspondence.

Have you heard of fabric tape?
It's one of the hottest supplies right now in the craft world! I have spotted so many packages prettified with it around the internet, that finally decided to purchase some... and I'm officially in LOVE!!

You can find it in many yummy colors and patterns, and it has so many creative uses!
As for now, I used it to embellish my correspondence...

It is real fabric with an adhesive back... so you just have to cut it to the desired length and apply wherever you want!

Attach a stripe to a plain cardboard, add a sentiment, and let it spread some cheer among your dearest ones! You can also embellish your envelope, so the mailman will be happy too ;)

And you? Have you tried it? How do you use it?

Hope your week is off to a cheerful start!
Monica x.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Flowers for You!

I've been kind of absent from Pink Saturday lately... so I thought I'd wish you a wonderful 'pink' weekend with these fantastic hydrangeas!
I've been surprised with this huge bunch of one of my favorite flowers ever, by a dear Aunt that sent it along to me. I believe I inherited from her my love for blue, turquoise, purple and all of their shades.
Their hues are incredible...

Just divine!

Hope these old- fashioned flowers will bring a smile to your face, too!
Have a super weekend, my friends! Thank you for your presence in my life.
Monica x.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lavender Bundles.

When it's time to harvest lavender, I always make as many bundles as possible, to give or keep... I love its color and intoxicating fragrance, and I like to preserve them for the long winter ahead.

My latest creation is a burlap and lavender bundle... I think they go together as tea and cake!;)

Just as simple as this- arrange a bundle of lavender in your hands, put onto a doubled piece of burlap, and tie with raffia or natural twine. Add a vintage buckle or brooch, if you want.

Let the scent and memories of Summer last...
You can make these as favors for a garden party, Summer wedding or a gift for someone you love. Or simply, to keep for yourself!
Happy harvest!
Monica x

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Found Beauty #2.

Hello my dear friends and faithful readers, and if you happen to be here for the first time, hello to you too!
Today the sun shines high, and after I've been struggling with headaches over the past week or so, I can tell you today is a grand day! Not only because I eventually feel very well, but also because I found beauty in unexpected ways! I found beauty in my regained well- being, in my hand that allows me to start creating again, in people that were so kind to take time to drop me messages about my Somerset Life features and 'just- because' cheery notes, in strangers that did something kind for me... that filled me with great, deep joy and thankfulness.

Moreover, I found beauty in these pointe shoes I recently acquired... I had been looking for a pair of used ballet shoes forever, so imagine my surprise when browsing Etsy, by chance I found a lovely shop, Danusharose, that carried pointe shoes formerly used in a ballet school!
When I saw these beauties of a soft shade of peach, my heart started to flutter... danced, danced, danced... went pitter- patter... skipped several beats... can you blame me, vintage girls?;)

The shop owner, Danuta, is a delightful lady. She was a ballerina herself, Artistic Director and ballet teacher for 25 years. I found true beauty in this woman and in all of her words to me...

I hung my treasures on my Mothers' chest of drawers, just for fun- so they can get a smile out of you and everyone who passes by!

Have a fantastic rest of the week!
... "On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined."
Lord Byron.
Monica x