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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

White Roses, Pearls and Crystals.

I want to start this post with a big smile, and a heartfelt thank you for all your caring, sweet, beautiful words. They mean an awful lot to me, especially during this tiring time... Thanks for taking the time to comment and leave me your precious thoughts, to share with me your experience and to just send sunshine and love my way! I am thankful to be part of this wondrous community of kindred spirits!

... Don't you just love white roses? And pearls? And crystals?? 

I just can't pass them by! Bought this bunch of roses at the supermarket for 4 euros/$5/£3, and the vintage pearls (not plastic!) and crystals at the thrift store for €0,50/$0,60/£0,40 each. Such a steal, don't you think?

Speaking of crystals, I did a no-no the other day, while thrifting... (Note to my DH: if you happen to be reading, please skip this post ;))
Back to my thrifting raid. I have been admiring fabulous chandeliers around blogland, lately. They remind me of my childhood days, because in my parents' and Granny's homes there were many of them, both huge and small. The funny thing is that I hated them at that time (especially because I was the drop- cleaner! Hehe). When Hubby and I got married, we wanted a no-chandy-home (he grew up with them too, it was very à la mode when we were young). I cannot believe that when some of my Granny's chandeliers were available for me to inherit, I didn't want them. Gosh, they were beautiful. Boohoo.
The other day, while I was at the thrift store, I stumbled upon this magnificent little jewel. 

No one had fallen in love with it yet, so the gal offered it to me for 10 euros/$12/£8. I didn't need a chandelier now, but it was such a bargain. The crystals were all intact. The shape was lovely. Not too big, not too small... to cut a long story short, it came home with me!!!!!!!!! I have 'white-spray-paint-plans' for it... ;)

Please don't think I'm nuts, as my hubby would (naturally I hid... ahem, packed my treasure already!). You can hear me complaining all day because I have too much stuff to pack and move, and I just bought a chandelier to bring with me! But I'm sure he'll be happy seeing it in its white glory, hanging from the ceiling. Won't he? LOL

Have a wonderful day, white/chandelier lovers or not! I'm linking this post to White Wednesday, hope you have the chance to visit Kathleen and all the other participants to see their whites.
Monica x.


  1. Hello dearest :o)

    You know, if you are coming to England, it goes without saying, of course you must have a chandelier ;o)

    Sending love n hugs xx

  2. Beautiful roses and pearls....and that candelier !!is fantastic!! ...lovely post...........love and hugs from me......

  3. What a STEAL on that chandelier, Monica!!! We had a lovely one in our dining room when I was growing up. My parents saved it for me and it is still in storage at their home (I can't put it anywhere in my house yet, as my ceilings are low and my boys are tall)! ;)

  4. What a find it's beautiful!

  5. $12 ? WOW!! I would have bought that in a heart beat!! The roses, pearls and crystals (some of my favorite things) are beautiful. You said the price on the pearls and crystals were 5op each - What would that be in dollars? Hope you are having a great week.

  6. I love the white roses and the pearls but most of all the chandelier-it will be beautiful white!


  7. Glad I'm not paying your removals bill!LOL!

    I agree, the chandelier will look marvellous in a coat or two of white paint, don't forget to show us when it's done, we may have to wait a while right?

    Sandie xx

  8. Great find, it will be a beauty when you paint it white for sure, I love them and always have. good luck with all your packing, thinking of you often.hugs

  9. Beautiful pics of the white roses and pearls! So delicate and elegant!
    And I love your new chandelier! It is going to be fabulous! He will love it!

  10. I'm so glad you scored the chandelier-I know you will love it!

  11. Roses are beautiful...but the chandelier!!! I love it! It will look gorgeous in white!! I'm sure your husband will be ok!!!!

  12. What a deal on the chandelier! Perfect.

  13. Oh my whiskers!!!! That beautiful chandelier was only $12?!?!!? Your DH might think you nuts for buying that.....moi? I might think you were nuts for NOTbuying it ;) White roses,chandelier, pearls and crystal.....we are in awe of the beauty!!!

    Purrs! I hope you have a purrleasant day!

    Romeo and "her"

  14. Roses, pearls and a chandelier? Couldn't be more perfect! Lovely photos....

  15. Thanks for the info., and the congratulations. I had just checked back to see if you had commented about the $ amount when you commented on my post. :-D I was just curious as to how the prices are compared to here. There seems to be a big demand for the really old/vintage jewelry pieces here, and the prices reflect the demand.

  16. Roses, Pearls and Chandeliers are the Trifecta... You passed on your Granny's Chandeliers *gasp*... alas, hindsight is 20-20 isn't it? *le sigh* To my chagrin my Mom donated all her Jadeite dinnerware before I was old enough to have my own place... she had gotten them for free at gas stations when you filled up so didn't place much value on them as a future collectible... who knew? *bigger sigh as I ADORE Jadeite* Your new Chandelier is lovely... definitely worth packing and moving.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. It is beautiful NOW but, after you put your magical touch to it... how could he resist. And you know it's a lady's choice to change her mind. So don't worry about the "No Chandi" rule. Rules are MADE to be broken. HUGS! Charlene

  18. Why, of course he will be happy. He must know that his wife knows best.

    Beautiful photos, Monica.

  19. Oh YES, your DH will love seeing this chandelier in your new home, especially when you paint it white, it is gorgeous and what a great price too, how could you turn that down?

    I LOVE white roses, especially with pearls and crystals, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us, it was so nice to see them today:)

  20. It sounds like you are telling my story about chandeliers! Now I reaaaallllly want one and my husband looks at me like I have 3 heads!
    They are so pretty and sparkly! I love yours and what a great price! hugs! karen....


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