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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Print (and additional Shots for you to Enjoy).

Finally the magazines made it safe and sound to my doorstep! Somerset Holidays and Celebration's still missing, but will eventually have it.

I want to celebrate each step of the journey... and I have some adorable friends that cannot put their hands on these publications, but love to see me in print! Isn't it amazing when you have true friends that actually celebrate with you and share your joy? I've been terribly disappointed in the past by people I did consider friends and they were not, so I'm even more grateful for you, and for all the special friendships I made thanks to my blog!
Amazing Editors Amanda Crabtree and Beth Livesay did such a super job with these issues, putting together something scrumptious! I'm honored my work is in!
I've already shown you my white hearts in a previous post, but here they are in print.

An additional feature in the Gallery section of Home...

You know, it's soo incredible for me to have my own words published in these magazines we all drool over! Especially because English is not my first language!! All those hours spent studying and studying... I'm so glad I did!;) 

The photographer did a splendid job, even she photographed my little wreaths upside down ;) but they're lovely anyway, aren't they! 

Another feature in the Gallery, a fabric rose pin, with leather leaves and wool bow. Love that.

And some shots I took! You can spot different big wreaths, one is that I speak of in the article, I made for a blogging friend! I know she loves it, and this is such a joy for me! x

Little decorations for the Christmas tree, for your gift wrapping, napkin holders, etc.

Present wrapping ideas. I used the same fabrics to make the wreaths and wrap the gifts! Love matching details, they make things look pretty without effort.

Thanks for celebrating with me!
Monica x.


  1. Absollutely wonderful, you must be so thrilled. The wool wreaths are great, loved it all....You must feel so proud having your work published. to me it would feel like a dream. take care my dear friend. You deserve everything, you work so hard.

  2. I discovered your beautiful blog via Stampington and I'm so glad I did. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I hope some day to grace the pages of one as well. I've submitted a few pieces and now wait with anticipation. I see Miss Kim is cone free, is she better? My Ginger is still wearing hers:(

  3. I think my favorite are the white hearts, you do a great job and I love the little details. Congrats on getting in the magazine, you deserve it, between your pictures and what you make. Have a wonderful day.

  4. What a beautiful feature, you must be so made up. Made all the more special by such wonderful supportive friends. Enjoy this wonderful moment.

  5. Fabulous! So talented! Good for you!

  6. Beautiful creations, Monica! Your wreaths look just as lovely "upsidedown" as they do "right side up"! ;) I'm so pleased you've been featured in these wonderful magazines - you are so truly deserving! And your English is impeccable! xo

    PS - Glad to see sweet Kim is on the mend!

  7. Congratulations, Monica. Somehow I am not surprised that you have made it to the magazines!!

    The wreath is just beautiful!


  8. You make wonderful things.....ow that cute Kim....love love love Ria....

  9. Congratulations on all the wonderful articles. It is so amazing to see your work in such an incredible magazine. I love all the stuff that you have done. I hope the packing is going well.

  10. You are very talented! I love the wreath! I discovered your blog via Cape Cod Rambling Rose, and this is my first visit! If you'd like to "visit" me in New England come on over, I love company and new Followers are so exciting! I enjoyed my visit today!


  11. Congratulations! I am so glad to hear you have been published, as your creations are so pretty! You deserve the recognition.

  12. Hi Monica,

    Congratulations dear friend and I am so happy that you and your beautiful work are featured in a magazine. It is a thrill as I know when my bears were featured in an English magazine, Teddy Bear Scene.
    Your English is perfect and will come in so handy when you move.
    Hope that dear Kim is feeling better.
    Sending hugs

  13. I think we need to convince you to do your own magazine. We shall call it Monica's White Bench. I just know it would do very well. Every time I go to our bookstore to buy a magazine that you are in the young man behind the counter asks me if my friend is in it again. I smile and then we look at all your beautiful creations. He also loves Kim too. Kisses dear friend and hugs to you know who.

  14. What a great feature article!! love the wreath, what an inspiration. Susan

  15. I'm so happy for you, Monica !
    Your wreaths are gorgeous !
    Kim is so cute, lovely picture !

  16. How fabulous; I'm so excited for you~ Wonderful
    to be published, I hope to some day~xXx

  17. No, no Kimmie! Don't open it!
    I'd die if I got a gift wrapped that beautifully!
    I'm SOOO happy for you Monica! I just think you speak better English than I do LOL :)
    I'll look in the bookstores for these so I can brag about town :)

  18. Congratulations! Your work is so beautiful! I love your woolen wreaths! Wonderful! Olivia xo

  19. So excited and happy for you Monica!
    Congratulations .... so very well deserved ♥
    Love to Kim xo

  20. Wow, I missed this too, congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you, it must be an amazing feeling to see your work in a magazine or book. I am going to have to find a copy so I can see it up closely :)

    I have had many times friends, turn out not to be so happy for me when I have done well, just happened to me now since I moved too. Who needs people like that? We don't :)
    I have been really hurt so many times in my 52 years by friends that now I tend to keep to myself a lot except for online, I have found the best friends here :)


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