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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

White and Stressful Wednesday.

Update: A HUGE thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and good vibes! All went well and my Dad is now resting in his room after the surgery. Hope I will be able to go to see him in a few days, I'm on the mend with my foot!
I was overwhelmed by all your kindness and supportive comments, you really brought sunshine in  my day! I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing community!!
Last night's heavy rain didn't restrain me from taking pictures today, in spite of my not-that-healed-up-foot! As my hubby uses to say, 'If you take photographs, then you're well' ;)) 
I am quickly recovering, many thanks for all your kind comments and emails, I really appreciated. I haven't been a good blogger lately, my apologies, but I will do well today, I promise :)
As you can see, my gorgeous white peonies are in full bloom, and I couldn't help but make a bunch together with some other lovelies from the garden!

I have a deep love for peonies, both erbaceous and tree types. I'll post about the pink ones another day.

I will give a basket similar to this to my Mom on Mothers Day, with one of my linen hearts. 

My favorite pillow I made... you might have spotted it in several pictures on my blog!

My favorite white hat (I have many hats, as I am sensitive to light and sunshine, and must always wear hats during the Summer months)... I beautified it with vintage lace and millinery roses from my wedding gown.

I'm enjoying this bunch in my studio right now!!

I will have a stressful Wednesday as my Father is undergoing a major reconstructive surgery on his knee in total anaesthesia. I'm not able to go to the Hospital, but I will be thinking of him all day long. Dads are special, aren't they! Please send good thoughts our way if you have a spare moment.
Monica x.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Severe Addiction!

Hello and Happy Pink Saturday everyone! Another week's over...
First of all, many thanks for all your well wishes!! I feel better today and I'm trying to stay at the desk in the studio between one nap and another, so I can achieve something even with a BIG foot :(I will try to get back to you asap. I've been extremely tired over the past two days and found it difficult to stay at the computer.
This 'forced relax' allows me to read more than usual- I must admit I am a magazine-aholic as many of you are! I surely have TONS of them!

As I cannot get rid of ANY of them, I had to think up ways to store all that paper... My very favorite place to store them are vintage trunks.

I read and re-read them in rotation- what it's amazing is that they always seem NEW to me!! This is great when times are tight and I can't buy new ones... Many of these mags are very old, but I can't part with them.  

These are some of my favorites: I chose covers with PINK for today's post!;)

And all Stampington publications...

Please drop by our sweet hostess Beverly to see what the other Pinkies are sharing today!
Have a fantastic weekend,
Monica x.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little Accident.

It looks like I'm bedridden and must use tons of ice roks and crutches for 7 days :(((
This morning, while I was doing acrobatics to bring a chest of drawers downstairs, helped by my Dad, to have it painted in the garden, something didn't work correctly and it heavily landed on my foot... After many hours spent at the hospital and X-ray,  doctors assured me that all will be OK in a week or so. My foot is not at its best right now,  but it's not broken! Phewwww... I'm so grateful.
Hope your day was better than mine!
Monica x.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The White Bench.

While I'm super busy these days, with creations, spring cleaning, makeovers and projects to be accomplished, and between one stitch and a coat of paint, Kim and I are enjoying the garden too (then I wonder why I'm running out of steam! LOL)! For White Wednesday today I am sharing one of my favorite things- my 'White Bench'! This was given me by my DH on Valentine's Day a few years ago, when we moved to the countryside. 

Learning how to relax and take some rest when my body requires it, is my goal for 2010.  Here we go! I love taking tea in the garden, enjoying silence, Nature and its Beauty...

... and Kim too! She's drooling over my cinnamon cookies, by the way- I didn't ask her to model for me, but those cookies were so inviting that she hoped to have one!

Aren't these little white beauties from the garden just lovely?

Lemon scented tea in my favorite white tea set!

May I have a cookie now??

To see many other wonderful whites, please visit our hostess Kathleen at Faded Charm.
Have a  splendid day! 
Monica x.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Favorite Finds and a Quick Makeover!

While I'm a busy bee creating and finishing off, I will share some of my latest finds with you!
Last month, I came across this vintage leather album...

I didn't like the cover as it was, but the leather looked perfectly aged and the spine was a little damaged, just as I love books (in my family they say if it's old, torn and worn... she WANTS it!)!;)
I asked the seller how much it was, and he said 2 euros- the lady with him told promptly 'only??', but I had been swifter and already accepted ;))

So I brought this little treasure home, and it quickly has become one of my favorite finds, since I simply attached a cabinet card on the cover with some adhesive tape (so I can remove and use it for my shooting sets). I use it as storage for my collection of vintage and precious Victorian cabinet photographs I purchased from Louise's fabulous Cape Cod Mercantile. Isn't is perfect?

On the same booth, this quite unusual teal vintage tea set called my name loudly! I couldn't help but buy it (it was only 4 euros for the trio), it is Japanese and has such particular handles I had never seen before, and the color... oh my! LOVE IT!
I think you'll see it often in my future photographs.

Have a nice end of the week, I'm not participating in Pink Saturday as I really have to finish a ton of WIPs! 
Hope you have a creative weekend too ;)
Monica x. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Presents in White!

Hello everyone! Glad you liked my previous post! Thank you for sharing your ideas with me!
Today I'm back to my fave color (together with pale blue)- I'm joining Kathleen for White Wednesday once again!
I was about to post on another subject, but then realized you were waiting to sneak a peek at my birthday presents! So here they are today, as they're all white!
My husband surprised me with a stunning double Phalaenopsis in a vintage-and-French-inspired enamel vase! He told me the orchids were just perfect for me (he used to present me many of them when we were engaged!), and when he saw the vase at the florist's couldn't help but buy them! Isn't this sweet?? 

The're perfect in my studio, I like keeping orchids on my desk, it's a very bright spot, suitable for these plants.

My Mom and Dad gave me these primroses for my patio...

And this is the fabulous surprise I received from darling Alice! Isn't it sweet? She made one of her amazing pieces of jewelry for me, in white, and presented it with such attention to details! I was really overwhelmed by this  caring thought! The card itself was pure beauty with dried roses and pretties glued on the envelope!

Do you notice the tiny lavender buds in the box and the handstamped tag?? Absolutely fascinating!

And this is what I made for me! You may remember Sophie, and that my DH asked for a sibling for her ;) Here she is with Robert! They both wear antique white collars. Love that my bears can enjoy these stunning reminders of the past!
Happy White Wednesday!
Monica x.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mellow Yellow.

Hello and many thanks for your kind words to me yesterday!
And yep! I like yellow... it is essential for me to keep my smiling and bubbly attitude!
Made this tote with the idea of a storage bag, all in yellow coordinated fabrics.

I picked this bunch of buttercups while strolling Kim... their vivid color brings a smile to my face!
And speaking of yellow, my Mom came to help gardening a bit, and she agreed to be my model for a day! Love that vintage apron I have been given by a sweet friend... :)
You can also notice I have chosen "white and yellow" for my Spring potted flowers this year!

... And I also have a pair of yellow shoes (with matching leather bag, even if I think the yellow patchwork tote above would be perfect too!).

And you? Do you like yellow, and use it (or not) in your decorative schemes?
Monica x.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Editorial Contributions.

I'm happy and honored to have my work featured in these amazing magazines this month!

Thanks to the Managing Editors, Beth Livesay and Jennifer Jackson, for this great opportunity! They made a terrific job with my fashion totes and angel doll, even if, curiously, there's a typo in my name in both the articles ;))

I promised to show you my new bags once published, so here they are!

Hope you had a fabulous Easter Sunday, I'm off to do some serious spring cleaning. Oh joy!
Monica x.