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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tussie- Mussie.

For the Victorians, violets were symbols of "faithfulness" and forget-me-nots of "precious memories to be kept"...

I played around just a bit with both of them, a dainty hankie and antique lace, to make a tussie mussie...

... embellished by a vintage buckle and finished off with a tiny medal...

... all tied up in twine, love and friensdhip!
What's better than a little posy to tell a dear friend you care?
Monica x.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Postcards.

Hello, I'm joining Joan @Anything Goes Here for the Vintage Easter Blog Hop Party today!
Hope you'll enjoy having a look at my collection of Easter postcards. All I used in the backgrounds of my shots- linens, dishes, clocks and excercise book, is vintage or antique.
I love antique and vintage postcards, especially French...

This is Italian, love its pale colors...

These French girls are so cute!

I've been given this last summer by a lovely lady...

I gave some of the following to friends, but I still have their pictures, so I can share them with you. I like to keep record of all my finds!

Have a great Sunday,
Monica x.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Pink Birthday.

Hello Pinkies and dear readers! First of all, let me thank you for all the sweet wishes, it was impossible for me to respond to each and every comment last weekend, but please know I was really touched by your friendship and nice words. Thank you!
I took all these pictures on my Birthday. First thing in the morning I treated me (hubby and Kim too!) to a fresh bouquet freshly cut in the garden...

I love all Spring flowers, they are my B-day flowers after all!

The day was truly glorious, such a great gift after previous damp and dull days!

Forget-me-nots are blooming everywhere in the garden. Kim loves to lie down on the flower carpet, and just relax and be happy!

Hellebores are among my favorite flowers to paint, they're so charming.

Hubby was home with me all day, so I thought it was the best occasion to try the 'new' dishes (vintage and thrifted)! I was so lucky to find other pieces matching the sauce- boat I had previously found. Those posies are so pretty, aren't they?

And last, but not least, a touch of pink in a beautiful gift I received from Carolyn! The cutest sheep ever with a pink bow made it safe and sound all the way from New Zealand to wish me Happy Birthday! Carolyn makes amazing dough creations, and I love them all, so I was very thrilled to receive one as birthday gift (and this was my very favorite too)!
Thank you dear Carolyn!

She took great care in writing me sweet notes, and she added a decorated tea bag... so delicate.
I haven't taken pictures of the wrapping, but Carolyn used the most beautiful hydrangea paper with a blue ribbon! So very thoughtful!

Definitely I had a grand day! I will show what my hubby gave me, but it's not pink, so I saved it for White Wednesday :)
Enjoy the weekend, and don't forget to drop by my blog tomorrow for the Vintage Easter Blog Hop Party!
Monica x.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Come Flea with Me...

Should you fancy to come with me, I'd bring you to an Italian flea market. Yay!
Religious items are very popular in Italy...

and so are Capodimonte roses. Blue roses are pretty rare around here, and I like it when I find one.

Loved this pink rosary, I still cannot believe I didn't purchase it!! ... what I was thinking??

Objects made of iron abound over here... but they're a little heavy to bring home in a suitcase!LOL

Better to purchase vintage linens and bedspreads, baby bonnets and doilies, and small silver objects.

I am lucky to own my Great Grandmother iron similar to these...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this white birdcage!! 

These chairs were only 15 euros each ($20; £13)... I bet they'd look tres chic with a coat of white paint, and re-upholstered! 

Look at the sewing machine! 

And this is my favorite vintage postcard supplier! 

Hope you enjoyed the stroll!
Monica x.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White with Touches of Silver.

Hello and welcome to White Wednesday! I'm so enjoying participating as I can share some of my whites with you! Today I added a wee bit of silver.
Well actually these things are not precious if not for my soul! They're not sterling pieces, they're silver-plated, but I love them.

The embossed details are so beautiful!
I had the filigree rosary from a cousin of my Mother when I was a young girl, and the little box from a dear friend last year for my birthday with a fabulous crown-shaped brooch inside.

I found this a couple of weeks ago at the local Flea Market...

And the last one is the most special of the trio, it belonged to my Granny and she always had it onto the dresser in her bedroom (which I inherited too, but that's another story!). I have been in love with it since I was a child!
But there's another thing in this vignette that I'd like to show and tell you, it is the photograph below. Sometimes ago, I purchased a stack of vintage pictures and this was included. My eyes popped when I saw it, because this smiling lady on a Florida beach impressively looked like my Granny (who, incidentally, had never been anywhere than in Italy)!! 

My Granny... 

The white linens I used as background for my set are very dear to me, but will be a subject of another post.
I also wanted to include in this WW post two seasonal pieces- I had one from a very special Italian friend of mine I unfortunately don't see anymore (the small one). The other was thrifted for a song!

Happy White Wednesday and don't forget to drop by Kathleen's blog to find other astonishing whites!
Monica x.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Adventure!

Warning: this will be a pretty long loquacious post crammed with pictures! ;)

I'm glad to finally tell you about the project I was working on over the past weeks! ... I have opened my Etsy Vintage Shop
As you might know, I am Italian and at the moment I do live in Italy (even if my dream would be a little different!;))). So my dear American sister friend suggested, why don't you open a vintage shop across the pond with treasures you find over there- and you take for granted?? So true! Recently many lovely things came to me (literally!) at very affordable prices, so it's beautiful to share love with far away friends that cannot hop on a plane and come tresure-hunting over here!
I definitely can label myself as a 'Vintage Girl' (ok, I'm not THAT VINTAGE after all,  but I do have a vintage heart indeed!LOL)... so working on this project was really fun!
My new shop will include exciting vintage tresures from Italy and France as well (I am so fortunate to live close by), and sometimes from other European Countries.
My 'pièce de résistance' are Artful Paper Kits and Gift Wrapping Kits. 
The Artful Paper Kits contain vintage book pages and occasionally covers from novels, dictionaries, grammars, poetry books written in Italian or French and aged to perfection for your Altered Art, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking or Collage projects.  They include bits and bobs like handstamped vintage cotton ribbons, laces, doilies, buttons, keys, and so on, fabulous to be used as art and crafting supplies.
They always include one or more original vintage or antique French/European postcards. 
'Cute Girl'...

'Mille Gros Baisers'...

'Joyeuse Fete'...

'Bonne Fete' ...

'Fleurs de Nice', are but a few!

Many postcards are used and stamped...

Some kits include handwritten antique pages, fabulous for your Art and also as gorgeous backgrounds for your shooting sets!

The Italian inspired kits are crammed with beautiful and inspiring vintage Italian postcards, that will add a touch of Italian charm to your journals, mail art or collections also!

Used stamps, ribbons, lace!

And then the Gift Wrapping Kits! Are you looking for a tres chic way to wrap up your presents? Do you sometimes are in a hurry and don't have on hand the 'just perfect' matching supplies to wrap a gift to perfection? Do you need a quick amazing cadeau for the French, Vintage and Handmade lover? My kits will help you!
You can also include them to any of your creative projects, and the rose itself is a stunning gift and can be pinned to a hat, bag, pillow or anywhere your imagination will suggest!
The pretty doily is a precious present too for the vintage lover, and can be also used for wrapping instead of, or combined to, sheet music.

Odd tresures and lenghts of ribbons, lace, twine,...  are included. 

An original French postcard or a handstamped tag completes the kit, and you can use it as messenger of your love and friendship!

I will prepare some gift wrapping ideas for my blog in a near future, so maybe I can inspire you!
This is a very simple one.

I am also able to offer some brocante and religious tresures, picked especially for you!
It was truly hard to part with this amazing old tin box with a Venetian theme! I love its black/silver/gray palette, and the printed images of Venezia make it a very yummy piece!

Religious items are very common over here, as you can imagine. As for now, I managed to find this pretty wooden rosary, which would be a nice addition to any vignette around your home!

A beautiful Madonna with Child...

and a glorious vivid print of The Sacred Heart.

You can find more treasures in my shop, should you fancy having a look! 
I am able to ship almost worldwide (please see my Policies), if your Country doesn't appear on the listing feel free to contact me! Grazie! Merci!
My handmade creations will be available as usual in my website.
Monica x.