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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Gift in the Mail and a Withering Hailstorm.

My dear friends and readers, I'm sharing with you a beautiful gift I found in the mail.
Donna, one of my delightful followers, sent me these fabulous old postcards, together with the sweetest card and wording...

I particularly love this one, with colored crystals on... so unusual!

Valentines are something I always relish...

To do justice to this precious gift, I used family mementos for the shooting set! 

I displayed Donna's postcards, together with other vintage bits and bobs, in my wrought iron card holder, purchased in France last year. I simply love them, thank you once again, Donna! You made my day!

As you might remember, this is the friendship memento I made with Kimberly's odd baubles and vintage buttons... You can find the tutorial here, if you missed it.

I am sorry I've been a bad blogger lately... Apart from all that's life, a disastrous hailstorm completely destroyed my garden some days ago.
You can notice how HUGE the stones were...

... when I managed to venture outside and take a picture, they were already melted!

All leaves were broken...

... fruit had to be harvested and immediately used up...

This is what remains of my luxuriant surfinias and lobelias in the hanging pots around the patio.
Also Kim's frisbee was broken... poor thing! I have to replace it with a new one!

Even if my heart is hurting for all this mess, I am aware that natural events cannot be controlled. Some flowers will hopefully blossom again... as for now I treat myself with bunches from the grocery!
I wish you a very pleasant rest of the week- I'm up to some projects I would like to show you soon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twilight Delights!

I was playing with my camera yesterday, simply enjoying this romantic vignette...

I love the blazing flames at twilight, especially when the air is bracing and smells of freshly cut grass...
I grouped some monochrome candles and  a pretty bouquet of Vendela roses on a glass tray, covered in antique lace.

By the way, I passionately love Vendela roses, they were used in profusion on my Wedding day, together with white hydrangeas, Monstera leaves and ivy!

My little princess was out there with me in the garden, and actually she was pleasantly snoozing when I woke her up putting the rose bouquet right near her head! :( She's too sweet to grumble at me... and posed for me!

'Another one!'

'Oh, pleeease, hurry up! I am sooo tired!!'...


Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Painting.

Creativity is such a mystery... Lately, I've been more and more inclined to paint these women. This is somewhat surprising to me, as human figures have never made an appearance in my art before. But now they help me express my deepest feelings... and I decided to comply...
Hope you'll enjoy seeing this latest painting of mine. It was inspired by a very special girlfriend who fills my heart with gratitude and joy.

It reads: "Comforting, special connection."
"Sister Friends". Acrylic, gesso, wax pastels on flat canvas. Measures approx. 30 x 40 cm. /12" x 16".

Hope you're enjoying the last days of Summer!
Monica x.

A Day at the Beach!

Do you remember Joy, my mohair Teddy Bear I made some months ago?
Well, she changed her dress and she's now ready for the hot summer days in a fresh white linen antique dress! She also put her hat on to go to the beach for Susan's Outdoor Wednesday, today!...

She picked some shells for me to make a glorious wreath and bring some sea breeze indoor! ... Soooo cute, isn't it!

She embellished her hat with a starfish on...

She also picked some lavender and creamy roses from the garden... just for Susan who's graciously hosting this!
Thank you, Susan! ... Sending sunshine and hugs your way!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you all!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cheerful Sunflowers...

... Just for you!
This morning I arranged this summery sunny bunch, to especially thank each lovely person who left a comment on my latest posts! Thank you, your friendly and sweet words mean a lot to my little heart! ;)

I took these pictures on the wooden stairs which lead to the orchard, and used this rusty lantern as part of the display...

I *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* sunflowers!!! I have painted sooo many and have used hundreds of them in my craft, over the last 15 years! Maybe I'll show you some of my past works, sooner or later.

As for now... have a cheery end of the week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lazy Days...

Please let me indulge a bit in some well- deserved rest!
As you might know if you have been following me for a while, I had a very difficult period in 'real' life, and I am doing better, thank you to all of you who dearly asked, but now I am REALLY emotionally and physically exausted, and find it difficult to bone up on demanding tasks...
Kim perfectly agrees with me, and loves to allow herself some little naps during the day (... I do that too! LOL)!

I dedicate to do simple and relaxing things, such as cutting lavender from the luxuriant bushes in the garden...

... baking bread...

... cutting scented herbs from the orchard, preparing useful bunches to be dried...

... and enjoying alfresco snacks (the one featured here, with freshly baked bread and olive oil) at twilight.

I also would like to apologize for not returning/leaving so many comments during this period. I cannot stay at the computer that much, and I also am experimenting a very slow connection due to severe thunderstorms in the area where I live. Hope you'll understand.
You are all in my thoughts, and I'll try to catch up with all your beautiful and inspiring posts as soon as possible!

Hope you are having a very relaxing week and enjoying summertime,

Saturday, July 4, 2009